Seasonal Cooking: December

Date: 03/12/2022

Time: 11am – 7pm

Price: £80

Number of places: 4

Menu summary: Homemade mincemeat, ginger biscuits and mushroom, leek and chestnut pie.

This class is part of my monthly ‘Seasonal Cooking Classes’, which explore local, seasonal ingredients. They cover how to cook intuitively with what’s available, to create nutritious balanced meals. Each month the menu changes, but we usually focus on making a seasonal preserve, a baking element, and an evening dinner.

This class is equally suited to beginners or experienced foodies. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen or find cooking a chore, I promise you will come away from this class inspired.

December’s cooking class will start with tea, coffee and an introduction to domestic cooking. We will be learning some knife skills, how to choose the best cooking equipment, and how to make your home kitchen enjoyable and efficient to work in. We will look at how to stock a pantry with whole foods, how we can increase the diversity of the food we eat, and we’ll try some ingredients I couldn’t live without.

With the weather getting colder we all crave warm comforting food like pies, roasts and stews, but it’s a misconception that comfort food must be meat heavy, or that you can’t achieve the same depth of flavour with only vegetables. This month we will be dispelling these myths by making a mushroom, leek and chestnut pie, with homemade pastry.

For the baking element of this class, we will be making festive ginger biscuits! And to finish up, we will be making our own mincemeat from scratch, which you can take home to make mince pies for friends and family.

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