Festive Baking Class

Date: 10/12/2022
Time: 1pm – 5:30pm
Price: £60
Number of places: 4

This is a special one off Festive Baking class! Join me to learn how to make some classic festive bakes, and create a new Christmas tradition you can enjoy year after year. You’ll get some great ideas for Christmas gifts – I’ve always found home baked treats to make the best Christmas presents, since you’ve put time and love into into something that can be shared and enjoyed together, without breaking the bank.

On the menu for this class is:

  • German Lebkuchen Hearts – Your classic festive German biscuits, similar to gingerbread. Make with a combination of wheat and rye flour, sweetened with honey and flavoured with my home made Lebkuchen spice mix. Probably not something you’ve baked before, but well worth the effort. They have a chewy, indulgent texture unlike anything else. These biscuits can keep for up to a month, so you can make a big batch to gift and enjoy over the holidays… however they’ve never lasted more than a couple of days in our house.
  • Stollen, with homemade marzipan – Another classic Christmas treat. Stollen is an enriched dough with nuts, spices, dried fruit, candied peel and coated in powdered sugar. To go in our Stollen we will be making homemade marzipan, which I guarantee is miles better then the shop bought stuff.
    I love to make Stollen at Christmas, because they last up to 2 months and their flavour improves with time. I can make a large batch a couple of weeks before Christmas and gift them to friends and family, even sending them in the post.
  • The final thing we will be making is brandy and ginger butter.

During this class we’ll be enjoying festive cheer, a few Christmas treats I’ve made ahead of time, and a little tipple.

You’ll go home with a stollen, a handful to Lebkuchen biscuits and some brandy butter. This class is equally suited to beginners or experienced foodies.

Tickets available here

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