Cooking School

The aim of Living Slow Kitchen is to teach the art of modern domestic cooking. Learn to become a creative and intuitive cook. Stock a pantry without highly processed foods, so you can cook from scratch, without the fuss. Create balanced, flavourful meals, from local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Learn about tricks of the trade, equipment, knives and where to buy the best quality ingredients. Experiment with new flavours, try new cooking techniques, and find your zen in the kitchen.

The words ‘domestic cooking’ may bring to mind tedious cooking classes at school or 1950s housewives, but at Living Slow Cooking School it’s about rediscovering the lost art of home cooking. We can all follow a recipe, but I want to teach you how to adapt those recipes to suit your tastes and what’s in your fridge. I want you to understand why we knead dough, why we add salt at every stage of cooking, why we add spices at different times and how to choose the right knife or saucepan for the job.

Unlike cooking classes in large commercial kitchens with lots of people, Living Slow Kitchen is based in my domestic kitchen. With small class sizes you will be able to ask more questions, spend more time hands on, and be inspired to make the most of your kitchen at home.

My courses are for dedicated foodies and cooking novices alike. If you want to explore creative cooking that highlights the best seasonal ingredients, then my course is for you! You’ll go home inspired, with a full belly and a bag of goodies to enjoy at home.

The majority of our cooking is vegetarian, however very occasionally we do use meat products. If you have any diary preferences or food allergies, please let me know in advance of the class.

You can find the dates and prices for my up coming courses here.

The courses I offer include:

Bread Baking Class

In this class you will unlock the secrets to creating your own delicious loaves!
Learn the art of kneading dough, understand proofing times, choose the best ingredients, and working with different types of flour. Leave the class with four breads, the knowledge to bake a range of breads with confidence and recipes to continue your bread-making journey.
This is an intensive full day class, including lunch, teas, coffee and snacks.

Devon Baking Class

In the UK we are blessed with a rich tapestry of regional baking traditions. In this class we delve into some traditional sweet bakes from Devon, including: Devon Saffron Cake, Apple Dappy and Oat Spelt and Date Scones.
This a relaxed half day class, including afternoon tea/ coffee and biscuits.

Introduction to Vegetarian Cooking

In this Class you will learn to create healthy and delicious vegetarian meals! Whether you’re reducing meat intake or embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, I’ll teach you to make balanced meals bursting with flavour. Discover fundamental principles, techniques, and plant-based ingredients. Explore the benefits of vegetarian eating, sources of protein, and how to enhance flavours without meat. Prepare seasonal, sustainable dishes and stock your pantry for success.
This is a (long) half day class including tea, coffees, snacks and concludes with a snared dinner with the class.

NEW Home Cooking for Beginners

This class is for reluctant cooks and kitchen novices. Learn to make simple, quick and nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Get a foundation in the basic skills need to feel confident cooking, including knife skills, blending flavours, batch cooking, stocking the pantry and more. Whether you’ve never stepped into the kitchen before or you’ve been floundering for years, all are welcome.
This is a half day class including lunch, teas, coffees and snacks.

Cooking Sustainably: Nourishing Your Body and the Planet

In this class we explore the world of sustainable cooking and its impact on both our health and the planet. In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to prepare meals that are not only nourishing for your body but are mindful of the effects our food choices have on the environment.
This is a (long) half day class including teas, coffees, snacks and a shared dinner cooked in the class.

Bespoke classes

If you are a group of 3 to 4 I can offer private and bespoke classes, please contact me for more information.